TV and press releases in Germany, Switzerland, Austria.

Article in “Doctors Journal”, 17/2006. “Moderate endurance training helps burn fat”   Article in “Tips” 13/2006. Your ideal weight the gentle way by Dr Bahadori” 
Article in “Weekly Review” week 9/10. Part 1 and 2. Fasting phases weight loss the gentle way”   Article in “Weekly Review” week 11/12. Part 3 and 4. Weight loss the gentle way” 
Article in “Paldauer Community News” 2005. The health conscious community of Paldau fights the flab”  Article in the “UPPER STYRIAN” (Obersteirer) 08.12.06. Dr. Bahadori discovers with the “7 steps” the stairway to successful weight loss” 
Article in “eBalance” Heinrich von Grüningen 28.11.2005. Review by Heinrich von Grüningen, president of the Swiss Obesity Foundation SAPS”  Article in “Top Magazine”6/2005. Low GI and reduced fat. Is this the New Miracle Diet?” 
TV Appearance in Austria’s Prime time talk show “Vera” 27.05.2004. The Schmidinger Story hope for obese people”  Nutrition Congress in San Antonio 2003. “Dr. Bahadori chosen from hundred of applicants to present the 7 steps “to the Americans”  
Article in the “UPPER STYRIAN” (Obersteirer) 28.03.02. “Dr. Bahadori discovers the gentle way of weight loss  Article in the “Styrian Month” 2/02. Without counting calories or dieting, woman loses 80 kg”  
Article in “Top Magazine” 12/2001. “Its time to unite against the global epidemic of Obesity which has increased 100% in the 20 Century”   Article in “Medical Tribunal” 21.11.2001. “Successful way to lose weight, weight loss made easy” 

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