What makes our concept unique is the fact that we are not offering you another useless and expensive “ miracle diet”. We are approaching the disease of obesity from many different angles, helping sufferers understand the mechanisms behind it and giving them the tools to fight back. Our tools are knowledge, experience and expertise. We actually encourage overweight people to discover and enjoy food and by doing so enhance their lifestyle.

The authors of this book "Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program", as you can see from the introduction, have been dealing with or fighting against obesity for fourteen years as doctors or patience. This concept has been developed by a professional research group; our aim is to offer a practical, long term and every day solution to the epidemic of obesity. We are not using the suffering of others just to make money.
It is more than irresponsible to see obesity as just a problem caused by eating too much. Our concept is based on years of professional medical experience and filled with practical and possible solutions to this epidemic, which cripples both the sufferers and the medical system.

We aim to help people find a way to understand and combat such things as stress eating. Or show them how to enjoy the temptations of the buffet on an all inclusive holiday, enjoying food while helping them to loose weight.

Years of scientific study [70 KB] , combined with the stories of people from all over the world who have successfully used the "Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program", not only to put down weight but to keep it down, will convince the hardest critics, that our concept works.
The way to successful weight loss is not over the body mass index or the weigthing scale, is not found in the purchase of expensive drugs or diets. It is found in rediscovering the ancient wisdom of balance in body, mind and spirit. Using small and simple steps. We invite you to walk that pathway with us to weight loss and vitality in body and soul.

The future begins now “being overweight is not your fate”!

Click here to read more about the 7-steps, the Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Babak Bahadori

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