Mein schönster Gipfelsieg!

My name is Hermann Wolfger and I am a 55 year old Veterinary Doctor living in Saint Michael, Austria. About a year ago I came across the “7 steps” more or less by accident. The problems I was having with my mobility because of weight made it necessary for me to look for help. Beside my profession as a vet I was a passionate hiker and climber.

My weight made it impossible for me to accompany my family or friends on hikes to the numerous mountain peaks of my homeland. Perhaps another reason why I stayed at home was my love of fine wines and exquisite food. I was not the kind of person to go on a diet it would not comply to my ideas of pleasure and quality of living. I was really surprised to read in the "Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program", that I was actually being encouraged to eat even more consciously and experiment in the kitchen. I was being advised to take time in choosing my two meals a day, to enjoy the cooking and preparation and even to continue eating my favourite foods.

I could even relish a glass of wine. The sport program helped me to exercise more and I went Nordic Walking even a long tiresome day. I really had a lot of pleasure getting fit again and recently I walked to my first summit in many years.

I was really proud of myself it was a moment of personal triumph it was my “Personal Peak”.

You can see the happiness in my face. The "Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program" really works; I lost 40 kilos without once dieting or giving up any of the things that I loved.

You can do it too, start with the first small step and soon you will reach your own “personal peak”.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Hermann Wolfge

Dr. Hermann Wolfge

That was me... year ago.   Now I climb to my “Personal Peak”  

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