Like everyone else born on the sign of “Taurus” I am a lover of life and all it has to offer. The price was a large weight gain over the years, my weight increased annually by a few kilos but I was powerless to do anything about it.

I simply could not find the strength to say no to good cooking, I enjoy the culinary specialities of central Europe.

I was a very active athlete in my younger days and was a competitive sportsman until I was 30, I kept pretty fit until I was about 40 but then I reduced my activities to a leisurely cycle or walk, naturally the kilos around the middle increased.

In the spring of 2006 my GP Dr. Mlaker told me of a course he was planning and for which he was looking for participants. I thought this would be the right thing for me he said it would be possible to enjoy good food and beverages and still lose weight. I was sceptical but curious and decided to have a look at this “funny” idea. The course started in March and we met Dr. Badahori who explained the concept of the "Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program" to the numerous people who turned out to see what this was all about. The theory seemed plausible; I decided to have a go and signed up for the course. I made some small changes in my eating habits drank lots of water and increased my exercise level by beginning with Nordic Walking, it did not take long until the kilos evaporated.

The 14 day sessions with Dr. Badahori and his team have increase my knowledge about the digestive system and the body functions in general, I feel motivated and fit and enjoy my new life immensely.

Yours sincerely,
Walter Pristauz

Walter Pristauz

That was me in the past...   ...that is me today!  

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