My story about unsuccessful attempts to lose weight began, like that of so many women, with the arrival of my second child. I am what is commonly called a "dependable" and "competent" woman.

Family, household, career – I had everything under control, but all my attempts to slim failed miserably. The Hay diet, the Eat-the-half-diet, a complete change of nutrition, various training programmes, the Singing-Bowl-Therapy for relaxation – I must have tried everything, but without success and accompanied by even more weight-gain.

The stress and frustration caused by all this were my daily companions. I blamed my profession for my problem. I am a teacher of nutrition science and work at a catering college. I spend most of my days with my pupils in the kitchen and must constantly taste the food that they prepare. I lived in a permanent state of temptation caused by my profession. After my fiftieth birthday I lost patience with the whole situation. My anger about my weight had begun to take a negative effect on my marriage and family life. My self-confidence had shrunk to a minimum.

A friend of mine invited me to a lecture given by Dr. Bahadori. I made a decision to attend one of his courses at a local Health Centre, and in 2002 I started with the "Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program". Every step was a step into a new world that had opened for me.

For the first time in years I began to enjoy eating.

My job, too, was no longer a problem. All the temptations of the past had disappeared. I knew that after my fasting phase, I could eat whatever I liked. In the meantime I have lost 25 kilos and I now wear size 42. The cardiovascular and relaxation programmes have made me both mentally and physically stronger. I really enjoy shopping now – trousers, dresses, skirts, I try them on, they fit, it is just great!

My life has really changed and I am much happier now than I have been for years.

P.S.: My husband has just invited me on a second honeymoon ...

Yours sincerely,
Helga Boiger

Helga Boiger

Thatīs the way Iīve changed. 

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