About three years ago with a height of 160 cm. and weighing 95 kilos I knew it was time to get my weight problem solved. Everyone that I talked to tried to discourage me by saying “that will be difficult, getting back to your ideal weight”.

I knew there must be an answer because my health, my life and my future was at stake...

I searched for a medical concept to help me reach my goal and not some dumb advertised “miracle diet”, promising a weight loss of 20 kg. In 10 days. They always forget to tell you that you will gain 30 kg. Within a few months because of the “yo-yo effect“. Today when I hear people say “its not so simple to keep your weight down permanently“ I tell them simply this: “Thanks to the "Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program" its more than easy, I am a typical example of the success of this fantastic program, I am also proud of myself“.

My new motto “nothing is impossible”, I have lost 35 kg. and my blood pressure is back to normal, I am physically fit and my life style is better than it ever was before, if that is not success than what is it!

Yours sincerely,
Maria Erlacher

Maria Erlacher

That was me in the past...   ...this is me today!  

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