About seventeen years ago I had the feeling for the first time in my life that I weighed too much. I think most people have had this feeling at some time, and I decided to do something about it. A girl-friend recommended a juice-cure. I drank only fruit and vegetable juices for one week and hooray, I lost five kilos! One year later I had gained ten. I tried something new every year to achieve my ideal figure but annually, I increased in size. I joined slimming institutions but their remedies were unsuccessful. I stuck rigidly to programmes: I could eat carbohydrates, but no fat, or fat and no carbohydrates, or both, but not together, ... you know, the same old story.

I categorised food stuffs with points and ate only a given amount. Did I lose weight? Yes, when I was consequent, and I was always consequent. But as soon as I started eating „normally“ I gained weight rapidly. I found myself trapped in a vicious circle, constantly thinking about food and became completely frustrated. After my second child my weight reached its all-time high. I began to hate my body and myself. I felt worthless and guilty.

I had no control over myself.

I avoided eating in public – I couldn‘t stand the stares of other people. It was impossible for me to eat an icecream on the street. What will people think of me? I felt so betrayed by life. I loved to enjoy myself, to dine with good food and wine in the company of good friends.

Why was I being punished like this?

I had tried every diet known but I could not imagine my life going on like this forever – every little enjoyment a sin, forbidden. Coincidentally I came across a copy of this book. On first reading it, I knew „this is it!“ I felt as if someone was talking to me personally and that I had struck gold. What I had in my hand was more valuable than gold. This was about me, my life, my health. To be allowed to enjoy food, or eat to my satisfaction, and have a good time – those were things that hadn‘t applied to me for a long time. But this is exactly why the book "Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program" helped me so much. Of course I experienced setbacks, too. But I felt understood, helped and not alone. The encouragement, assistance and support I experienced got me back on the right path. Meanwhile I have halved my weight and support Dr. Bahadori in his work.

There is a way out for you, too!

Through many small paces it will come to you, and the first step is in your hand: the book "Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program". Today I now that by a series of tricks I can stop myself from gaining weight. Only now have I discovered how much life-energy I possess. I am not afraid to eat a four-course-meal, in fact, I enjoy it enormously. I relish not just the food but every minute of my newly found life. I am doing things now that I would not have dreamed about three years ago.

I practice Yoga, love Nordic Walking, iceskating, dancing … . I try to reach people with the message, „It is possible!“ Being obese or having a few extra kilos is not a destiny you or I have to accept. I know better than most the sheer frustration of obesity before one decides to do something about it. When you realise that you have nothing to lose except your extra and unwanted kilos then there is no need to be afraid because you are not alone.

Let us be your companion on a way to a new YOU, full of energy and life.
The photographs at the beginning show you how much I have changed.

I wish you all the best for your journey, from the bottom of my heart.

Yours sincerely,
Iris Pestemer-Lach

Thatīs the way Iīve changed 

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