My darkest hour was in September 2005 when suddenly I was crippled by rheumatoid arthritis. Every movement and exertion was a painful experience, without the help of my wife and children it was impossible to perform even the most menial of tasks. It´s difficult to explain the emotions that are released by such events, I was always a very active person and successful in most of the ventures that I was involved in, I played music and appeared in numerous TV shows, I owned a pub and worked as a tour operator, was the motor behind many social events and organised the first ever town twinning between Ireland and Austria and had my finger in lots of pies, but deep down I was not really happy inside. I was missing that extra sense of being involved in something not just socially and financially oriented but something with a sense of spiritual fulfilment. Before my illness I deeply felt the emptiness behind the norm, I had seen so many hardened and disillusioned faces, so many ambitious people prepared to do anything to get on, so many people running around trapped in a cage of conformity and spending there life’s energy basically unhappy compensating their fear in over activity, overeating and overindulgence in a multitudes of diverse ways. The frightening thing was I was no different.

In my youth I was a successful athlete, sport and physical exercise had always been very important for me. Until I was 35, I trained regularly and kept myself reasonably fit. But then I suddenly lost interest in all the things that had meant so much to me in former days. My weight increased dramatically, the strange thing was I did not care.

Like so many today, I believed nothing could ever happen to me. I lived life to the full and like everyone else, I was out there in the rat race, trying to attain my share of the cake, regardless of the costs to my physical and mental health.

My younger sister Helen, a woman of remarkable qualities had died of cancer in August 2004 at the age of 39, the time spend with her and my Irish family in those tragic days made me really aware of how important family and purpose in life are, when she passed away after a heroic battle against this disease she left us both heartbroken and relieved, no one should suffer so much. Family is not just those who are my genetic brothers and sisters but something immeasurable in possibilities and opportunities, I can open or close my heart to as many people as I choose, I can spent my life miserable and alone or share it with others who will enrich and enlighten it. Suffering has many faces and if we dare look behind the masks we will a good degree of it in everyone we meet. Obesity is one of those faces, just as destructive to the victims as any other tragic disease. Its not just about being fat and feeling miserable about it but uncontrolled it leads to a whole series of physical illnesses that end ultimately in a poor quality of life and an early death, but there is always a way out and a second chance, mine was becoming ill and meeting the people I did at that moment, there are no coincidences it was my destiny and an answer to my prayers to meet Dr. Badahori and Dr. Uitz at this particular moment, I was given the huge opportunity to become involved in this project and to use the talents I had acquired in my life to help others and by so doing heal myself. Not only have I lost weight but I my disease have completely disappeared, I have also finished Diplomas in Nutritional Science, Health and Fitness Management.

The aim of this team and the "Dr. Bahadori´s Leanness Program" is to internationally make people aware of how important there own input is into there future development, no doctor can cure you and no politician can take away your responsibility, we are masterpieces of universal love and have been give both mental and physical weapons to overcome all hurdles. I wish you the following on your way to a happier, leaner and more balanced life “The courage to begin, the will to succeed, the vision to persevere. The knowledge that you are not alone and the faith to believe that you are someone special”.
After darkness comes the dawn and it’s much brighter in the light.

Yours sincerely,
Desmond Doyle

Desmond Doyle Co-Author of "Dr. Bahadori Lines Program"

That was me in the past...   ...this is me today! 

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